Tips for Applying Gold Dot Decals

When I initially started giving this little bathroom some umph, I envisioned the back wall covered in gold x's, like a big cute cross stitch reference. Needless to say, that didn't work out. Oh, and there were tears involved in the not-working-out of it. As a DIYer I know the feeling of "now for plan B" VERY well.

Lucky for me, plan B ended up being better than plan A ever could have been - metallic gold vinyl polka dots.

Even though I've already done a whole bathroom reveal, I thought I'd go a little more into how I applied the dots. Here's what I used:

Gold dot decals cut into individual squares, a wall-mountable laser level, and tape measurer.

A little more about the dots: I bought two sheets of 2" gold dots from Walls Need Love. I definitely could have just bought one sheet, but I'm glad that I played it safe. The decals are completely removable, which is GREAT for renters (and yes, I've tested it).

The easiest way to apply the dots was by peeling off only half of the paper, positioning the dot, then removing the rest of the paper.

I used the laser level to align the tops of every dot.

For the next dot, I used a spacer (a cut up piece of paper) combined with the laser level. The method was great and went super fast once the first dot of each row was up. My dots were spaced out about 5 inches width-ways and 7 inches height-ways.

So that's that! Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll answer them in the comments below. Happy polka-dotting!