Pretty Small Things: Record Console

As of last Friday there were two spots in my living room that needed a little more tender loving then the rest.

Now, we're down to one.

This midcentury beauty has officially replaced the Ikea Expedit that was organizing the little bay window area in my living room. Can you say major improvement?

As I alluded to in last Friday's Photo Friday, Tim and I picked this lovely lady up off of craigslist. She was initially listed at $225, but I negotiated down to $150 (nicely of course). It's not the most incredible deal in the universe, but a very fair price for exactly what we needed to spruce up this corner of the room.

Next up for this area: curtains, probably some sort of plant...

Next up for the room: PAINT!, maybe a new rug (Mr. Orange is making it difficult to find a paint color), and to find some sort of solution for the disaster zone catchall area by the door (we all have one of those right??)

And since I'm pretty sure you were wondering, yes the console is kitty approved ;)