My Happy Place Office

I've been working my tuckus off the last couple of weeks getting ready for my first DMA cello recital (exciting!) and inching through an unsettlingly long to-do list. So today, I thought I would share my so-far work space.

Welcome to my office.

This is the place I stash all of my too-girly-for-Tim treasures like the awesome yarn art and rattan bird on my wall (via craigslist and an antique mall respectively).

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by happy warm gold and wood tones while I work away like a busy bee. The boatloads of natural light streaming into the room never hurt :)

You know I fit a little wicker animal in there ;)
Mr. Elephant and Mr. Giraffe are bffs.

Still on the room list is to paint the walls, but I totally can't decide what color. Any suggestions???